We can take care for your peaceful rest, as well as for unforgettable experiences of your choice – mountain hikes, horseback riding, excursions in the areas of Bansko, rafting and bicycling. For those wishing to meet the beauty of Pirin Mountain we offer short-period and long-period hikes. Please, if you want us to organize a hike for you, call in advance: 0889 94 94 49.


1. VIHREN PEAK: Regular duration -3 hours in one direction (Option for climbing down/up near the Northern wall (Kazana area) with approximately the same duration, but more challenging in the upper part).

2. VISIT OF BANDERISHKI LAKES - Ribno, Zhabeshko and Dalgo lakes – duration an hour and a half /2 one-way.

3. MURATOVO LAKE - normal pace – 1 hour / an hour and a half in one direction. The terrain requires a little bit more efforts on the top because it is comparatively steep but not dangerous.

4. HIKE FROM VIHREN HUT TO DAMYANITSA HUT (option for transporting the group near the Bansko hut or from the road, also possible going into town directly) – normal duration – 4 hours from hut to hut, 5 and a half hours / 6 hours normal pace to the road. You pass 2 of the Banderishki lakes – Ribno and Zhabeshko, the southern part of Malka Todorka, the lakes Todorini ochi, Gorno and Dolno Vasilashki lakes.


1. VIHREN HUT - YAVOROV HUT - hike through the northern slope of Pirin Mountain – duration 8-10 hours. Necessary is to be walked in 1 day due to lack of shelter and place to set camp. Picking up with a car from Yavorov Hut or Predela Area. (Climbing down to Predela takes 1,30-2 hours).

- climbing down to Danyanitsa Hut the same day with a detour at Mozgovishka porta through Prevalski lakes (about 8 hours, but can take longer).
- sleepover at the Tevno lake shelter and descending the next day to Bezbog Hut with a visit to Popovo Lakes (the biggest one in Pirin) or Damyanitsa Hut - (8-9 hours to Tevno Lake the first day and about 5-6 hours to Bezbog Hut the second one (the downhill options are a lift - 20 leva in one direction, walking to the Gotse Delchev Hut through the forest - about 2 hours on the road and separate parts of forest terrain or transport from Bezbog Hut with car.)


1. Rila Monastary

1 to 4 pax – 60 euro

5 to 6 pax – 70 euro

2. Melnik

1 to 4 pax – 60 euro

5 to 6 pax – 70 euro

3. Belitza (Dancing Bears Park and Rila Fun Park)

1 to 4 pax – 40 euro

5 to 6 pax – 50 euro

4. Trigrad, Dyavolsko Garlo and Yagodina Caves

1 to 4 pax – 165 euro

5 to 6 pax – 205 euro

5. Kavala

1 to 4 pax – 135 euro

5 до 6 - 155 евро

6. Thessaloniki

1 to 4 pax – 145 euro

5 to 6 pax – 155 euro


1. Rafting on Struma river (Kresna Defile)

- 30 Euro per person with own transportation

- 45 Euro per person with organized transportation (Group min. 4 persons)

2. Canyoning (Kresna Defile)

- 45 Euro per person with own transportation

- 60 Euro per person with organized transportation (Group min. 6 persons – request 1 week before)

3. Kayaking (Kresna Defile)

- 40 Euro per person with own transportation

- 45 Euro per person with organized transportation (Group min. 4 persons)

When booking Rafting, Kayaking or Canyoning, it is necessary to give the needed information for insurance on ADVENTURE.NET

Needed Information
- Name, Surname, Family Name and EGN (For Bulgarian citizens)
- ame, Surname, Family Name and birth date (For foreign citizens)

Location - Rafting headquarters Adventure Camp, Struma river in the Kresna Defile, second tunnel after Blagoevgrad.

When and How - Every day from March to November at 10:00h, 13:00h, 16:00h, provided equipment and instructor, conducting initial and basic training.

- In water: hour, hour and a half (depends on water level)
- Entire experience: in between two and a half to three hours
- Track length: 11km